Flecknoe Pty Ltd

Thermoforming Technology


Flecknoe offers the best and most cost-effective option to buying used, unwarranted machinery or rebuilding out-dated machinery. Flecknoe can design and manufacture vacuum forming equipment with capacity for basic to advanced forming techniques.

Examples of vacuum formed products:

  • concrete paving moulds
  • point of purchase displays
  • the rear of caravans and buses
  • machine covers
  • signage

Example machine used for making concrete paving moulds.

Used for forming the rear of buses and motor-homes.

Laboratory machine for experimental purposes.

The Most Important Point of Vacuum Forming

Heating the sheet is one of the most important points of vacuum forming. Together with the Raytek scanner and the Flecknoe heater zoning system you can get proper heating every time over the entire sheet. All machines are fitted with single point non-contact infrared sensors that are used to read sheet temperatures during the heating cycle and also during the cooling cycle on the mould for part consistency every time.

Clamp Frames

Flecknoe machines are fitted with either aluminium extruded clamp frames or the heavy duty pin bar design. Aluminium extrusion clamp frames are the standard on all of our small to medium machines ensuring lighter, easy to handle equipment. Pin bar clamp frames are used on larger or more specialized machines. The pin bar design has two major advantages:

  • spring loaded pins
  • cam-lock mechanism

 Flecknoe are specialists in the design, manufacture and retro-fitting of aluminium extrusion and pin bar pneumatically operated clamp frames.


Vacuum Formers for Schools

As a senior member of the Society of Plastics Engineers, Philip Kitney recognizes the need to promote the knowledge and education of plastics and polymers worldwide.

Flecknoe has two machines ideally designed for the education sector:


With its ease of operation and simple setup, the HS430 is an entry level machine ideal for high schools for all of those industrial design projects.

SDF 860

The SDF 860 machine is fully PLC controlled with all of the Flecknoe controls included, making it the choice of colleges with a need for an industrial style machine for their more demanding education program.

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