Flecknoe Pty Ltd

Thermoforming Technology


Flecknoe, with technology partner Monark USA, is the first high-end manufacturer of cut-sheet thermoforming equipment, virtually 100% produced in Australia using agile, innovative Australian design concepts.

Flecknoe thermoformers:

  • Are easy to use

  • Australian electrical system

  • improve repeatability

  • cost effective technologies

  • Australian made, Australian owned to the world

  • Minimise rejects

Flecknoe's vast experience in the Australian Thermoforming Industry and Monark's diversified experience in the US ensures state-of-the-art technology for Australian and Asian industries.

Flecknoe can design and manufacture thermoforming processes and equipment with capacity for basic to advanced forming techniques. Flecknoe can advise you on:

  • project viability

  • material selection

  • total process management

From a simple Single Station Drape Former to High Speed Twin Sheet Six Station Rotary Thermoformers, incorporating PLC Control with HMI Interface, and the accuracy of full infrared sensing.

The quality design and construction of the equipment means:

  • faster cycles

  • improved cycles

  • more diversified forming techniques can be achieved

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