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Router Bits

Flecknoe knows that the quality of the cutter is the single most important factor in reliably trimming and machining plastic products.

Fecknoe is an Australasian distrubutor of Onsrud router bits supplying more than 1,000 line items to ensure that you have the best cutter solution available for your routing applications. 



Onsrud manufactured the first router bit in 1920. Onsrud specializes in tooling for CNC routers for the world's most demanding industrial users. The tools cut aluminum, composites, honeycomb, plastics, as well as natural and man-made wood materials.

Tight tolerances, high production, and long life are the features of Onsrud bits. Onsrud recently introduced three new exciting cutting tools designed to tackle even the toughest composite milling/routing applications.

These tools are designed to dramatically improve the machining of carbon graphite and aramid fibre materials. They use a solid-carbide burr with a unique finishing edge designed to equal the cutting performance of a burr tool, but with a much better edge finish.

The geometry of these tools increases the amount of effective cutting flutes, resulting in superior performance over a standard burr. Special clean-out flutes aid in the dissipation of chips, and a chisel design cutting edge extends tool life and productivity. The line includes the Carbon Graphite and Fiber Metal Router with modified geometry to cleanly cut aramid materials and fiberglass.

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