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Flecknoe provides integrated technologies to improve your manufacturing process.


Flecknoe manufactures and distributes a large range of machinery and tools for all aspects of Thermoforming, Plastic Fabrication, Composite Fabrication, Pattern Making, and Nested Base Manufacturing. We also support other manufacturing processes using our technologies. All of our products complement each other in their ability to improve the performance of your manufacturing.

  • Thermoformers and Vacuumformers Flecknoe has 30 years experience in the manufacturing and distribution of products and services for every stage of Thermoforming production. Flecknoe, with technology partner Monark USA, is the first high-end manufacturer of cut-sheet Thermoforming Equipment virtually 100% produced in Australia using agile, innovative Australian design concepts.

  • Thermwood CNC routers are in action all across Australia and New Zealand, with more and more being used in all industries from cabinet making to thermoforming to boat building. Thermwood manufactures three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis CNC routers. They offer over thirty features and capabilities not available from anyone else.

  • LMT Onsrud specializes in tooling for CNC routers for the world's most demanding industrial users. The tools cut aluminium, composites, honeycomb, plastics, as well as natural and man-made wood materials. Flecknoe is an Australian distributor of Onsrud router bits supplying more than 6,000 line items.

  • Flecknoe is a distributor, service and training agent for KeyCreator, NCG CAM, and CIMCO Integration software. Flecknoe has 15 years experience with Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.

    • KeyCreator is award-winning CAD/CAM software that takes a real geometry approach to 3D modelling

    • NCGCAM boasts many innovative features suitable for all types of forms, creating an optimised and smooth cutter motion for HSM machining.

    • CIMCO Edit is the editor-of-choice for professional CNC programmers who demand a full-featured and reliable, cost-effective professional editing and communication tool

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