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 Flecknoe is a distributor, service and training agent for KeyCreator, NCG CAM, and CIMCO Integration software. Flecknoe has 15 years experience with Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.



Key Creator


KeyCreator is award-winning CAD/CAM software that takes a real geometry approach to 3D modelling. The product earns equal praise for its ability to quickly create design concepts from scratch, make changes to any model in any format, extract and modify geometry in real-time on imported CAD models.

Easy to use and fast results are the backbone of this powerhouse package.




NCG many innovative features including automatic 3D roughing. This is suitable for all types of forms, creating an optimised and smooth cutter motion for HSM machining, while helping to extend tool life, minimising wear on the machine tool and producing parts with excellent surface finish.

Easy to learn and use – learning curve of just 1 day.



CIMCO Edit is the editor-of-choice for professional CNC programmers who demand a full-featured and reliable cost-effective professional editing and communication tool.

Best of all it is completely configurable and easily adapted to any existing CNC program editing environment.

CIMCO Edit includes graphical simulation of 3/4/5-axis milling and 2-axis turning programs, including solid visualisation (milling only) with tool holder and rapid collision check.


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